Cahill Lawn Care is happy to provide you with a free lawn analysis and price quote. We will discuss our service plans with you and provide you with a customized lawn care program so that your lawn stays green and healthy all year long. Cahill Lawn Care guarantees professional results; we are always on call to answer questions and to make sure you are a satisfied customer.

What are the benefits of hiring a lawn care professional to apply pesticides?

Having a nice lawn improves the quality of your life, the value of your home, and helps filter the air and water that passes through your lawn.  Cahill Lawn Care always keeps these things in mind so that you will benefit in all these areas and many others.  Many homeowners are not fully aware of the risks that of using and storing pesticides around the house and yard. The timing of the application, proper mixing, and the amount applied to your lawn are very important factors in controlling the risks involved. A licensed lawn care professional is well aware of all the risks and can minimize them and properly inform homeowners of the risks.

Why should I hire a lawn care professional to apply fertilizer?

The best reason is the cost/benefit of the professional service and professional results.  You won’t have to think about it and depending on your lawn condition it may even cost less to hire a professional. Improper application of fertilizer can damage your lawn by causing excess growth, disease/fungus growth, and weakening of the grass. These problems can be very costly and time consuming to fix. A lawn care professional will properly apply the correct amount of fertilizer at the right time of year and ensure that the fertilizer produces the most benefits for you.
Fertilizing is a year long process; a professional will look out for signs of pests, insects, and other lawn problems that a homeowner may not catch before it becomes a big and costly problem, all hassle free!

Are insects always bad for my lawn? Should my lawn be insect free?

Most insects are beneficial to our ecosystem and pose no threat to your lawn. Many homeowners will actually do more damage to their lawn by applying pesticides that eliminate these beneficial insects. A lawn care professional will properly treat your lawn to maintain a healthy lawn and ecosystem.

What facts should I know about fertilizers and a healthy lawn?

  • Granular fertilizers are environmentally friendly and are used in all of Cahill Lawn Care fertilization programs.
  • A healthy lawn transforms carbon dioxide into oxygen.
  • A healthy lawn reduces heat effect, acting like a natural air conditioner.
  • A healthy lawn reduces energy consumption through natural cooling effects.
  • A healthy lawn helps reduces global warming by filtering the air.