Company History

Built from the Ground up, The American Way


Dan Cahill started Cahill Lawn Care Inc. with some old hand tools and a strong vision.

Dan started his landscape career early on. He couldn’t wait to be tall enough to push the family lawn mower and once he could, at the age of 7, he took the job of cutting the grass at his family home. Before he was 9 he was pushing the family mower around the neighborhood, banging on doors and offering weekly mowing services. His work ethic continued and by the age of 9 he took on 2 paper routes and a Saturday landscape job. Local landscapers appreciated his work ethic, attention to detail, and his desire to create perfection everywhere he worked.

At age 13 he had earned a scholarship to college by the Boston Globe for building his paper route from 15 to 70 customers over a 3 year period. He accepted a summer job with a local school as a janitor at age 13 and worked landscaping after work until dark each night with the head janitor.

Dan continued his landscaping career through high school, helping to build a start up company into a profitable mid-size company with several trucks and employees. He learned how important quality and service were through this job because he could directly see how it impacted the future of a start up company.

Dan was offered the company at an early age but instead insisted on following his dream of being a U.S. Marine. Upon returning from the Marines, he decided to take a break from hard labor and give college a try. After a few semesters at a community college, Dan was accepted to the Accounting and Business Program at Bentley University in Waltham. Dan was a full time student and supported his expenses while landscaping for the same company he helped to start from scratch. Upon graduation, Dan was accepted to and completed the Bentley University Masters Degree in Accounting Program and set out in the corporate world. While working and traveling for various accounting firms and Construction Management Companies, he found his calling and that he had already found his dream job of landscaping at the age of 7.

Dan returned to his hometown, but the company he helped to build had long been sold. So he did what he knew best, he started from scratch, and built Cahill Lawn Care Inc. from the ground up. With no equipment, no shop and a collapsing economy, Dan proved that quality hard work is still the American way. After year 1 Dan packed up his one bedroom apartment and moved home to his mothers, his first big landscape project was a complete front yard renovation, walkway, steps, tree and shrub install, he started where he began at the age of 7. His first shop was his mothers pool shed. Enough to fit some hand tools.

Cahill Lawn Care Inc. prospered through the recession, finding work anywhere and everywhere. Dan demands the same work ethic and passion and  for landscaping from each and everyone that is part of the Cahill Lawn Care team. As a result of the company culture, we have attracted the best and most experienced landscape professionals in the industry. Our foreman and project managers are involved in every aspect of the company from planning and estimating to job completion.

A Landscape Project may require the integration of Hardscape, Irrigation, Tree & Shrub Install, follow up and Maintenance. We do not split up project specialties  or company tasks between departments, instead we teach all employees every aspect of a landscape project so that they are experts in company decision making and project planning and completion.

Dan demands the same work ethic from each and every employee and Today Cahill Lawn Care Inc. is built with a team of Hard working professionals, that are very educated and specialized in all areas of Landsaping and we continue to grow as a team everyday. Dan says, landscaping is not easy, but it is rewarding and to see the hard work pay off everyday, and to see the progress we make each year is what keeps us going. We truly want to give each customer the perfect landscape experience and results.  If it is a lawn mowing, or a backyard paradise construction project, we want to exceed our customers expectations everytime.