Cahill Lawn Care Inc. pays special thanks this year to Paul Bergman (U.S. Army) and all U.S. Troops for the sacrifices and commitment that they make each and every day. On Dec. 25, 2011, Paul paid his respects to Cahill Lawn Care Inc. by flying the American Flag (shown in accompanying photo) over a special operations NAVY SEAL combat outpost in Afghanistan.

This flag symbolizes the sovereign power of the United States of America and the unshakeable resolve of the men of Navy SEAL Team 10 and the Special Operations Command in their quest to defeat terrorists and those that threaten the safety and well-being of the American people.

1239879_634982029868029_2089437846_nthe Cahill team poses with special flag, from left: Kevin McCassland, Shawn Madan, John Ubitschek, Brendan McGaffigan, Dan Cahill, Paul Bergman and Justin Sulham. (Submitted photo)

SEAL Team 10: Operation Red Wing, June 28, 2005, thank you for the ultimate sacrifice in your mission: Danny Dietz, Daniel Healy, Erik Kristensen, Jacques Fontan, James Suh, Jeffrey Lucas, Jeffrey Taylor, Michael McGreevy, Michael Murphy, Shane Patton.

Paul Bergman served in the U.S. Army and returned home safe after multiple tours overseas. Paul and Dan Cahill, both grew up in the same East Foxboro neighborhood where hard work and strong values were instilled by the residents at an early age. Dan served in the U.S. Marines and, when Paul needed to leave home, he knew he could count on the Cahill Lawn Care Inc. team to take care of his mother’s landscaping needs while he was away. When Paul returned home he presented the Cahill Lawn Care Inc. Team with this flag and a handshake for doing our part.

Cahill Lawn Care Inc., “built from the ground up,” understands the sacrifice and commitment that our troops make each day to accomplish the mission at hand. Cahill Lawn Care Inc. was incorporated during a down economy comparable to the Great Depression.

It required 100 percent devotion, loyalty, and commitment to the vision by all team members in order to survive.

Our passion for landscaping combined with years of experience and education provided us with everything we needed to defeat any challenge that we faced. Every team member brings a unique skill to the company.

Dan Cahill pays a special thanks to his foreman, crew leaders, and team members for staying committed to the vision, for their constant hard work and improvement, and for stepping it up in a company with a very fast moving environment.

Cahill Lawn Care Inc. pays a special thanks to Andy Felix and the Tree Tech Inc. team, A.J. Dooley and the Dooley Services Team, John Deere Landscapes, MC Landscape, Taylor Rental (Norfolk), LVJ Trailers (Norfolk), Crowley Equipment (Norfolk), Norfolk Power Equipment, Bill Wigmore with McLaughlin Chevrolet Trucks, TD Bank Foxboro, and all of our customers, friends, and related affiliates. Thanks for the guidance, support, and work that you provide for us.

Finally, thanks to Waxy O’Connor’s in Foxboro for the great food, beer, service and family atmosphere that you provide for our company when we need a break. The Waxy O’Connor’s team is a hard working team with strong values and arecommitment to the establishment.

Justin Sulham is also part of the Waxy O’Connor’s team and is an award winning strong man competitor, and also runs a successful charity organization that raises funds through strongman competitions for various causes including homes for troops returning home. Thanks for your support and appreciation, Justin. (50′ Closer

Thanks again to our troops for defending our country and putting your lives before ours so that we can build America the way we want to and enjoy it every day.